DPDT Robot Plastic Switch


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  1. Good Impact Resistance.
  2. Good Stiffness.
  3. Switched will directly snap fit into slots.
  4. Switches are ROCKER TYPE ( They will retain central Position once force is removed from them.
  5. Flush mounting DPDT rocker switch
  6. For Linear Actuators and other DC Motors
  7. 3 position switch

Additional information

Weight 255 g

This is Robotics Switch Box Enclosure With DPDT Switches.

The switch box is used to accommodate two DPDT Rocker Switches. It is a perfect makeshift remote for your robot.

This is Remote Control Box for Wired Hobby Robot Control. To make the anti-clockwise motion of the motor, the polarity of supply must be inverted in a clockwise motion. For “Polarity Reversal” DPDT switches are generally used.

A Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT) switch is an electromechanical switch that has 2 inputs and 4 outputs and each input has 2 corresponding outputs that it can connect to.

Material Plastic
Color Black
Switch Type DPDT
Length (mm) 74
Width (mm) 38
Height (mm) 50
Shipment Weight 0.255 kg
Shipment Dimensions 11 × 7 × 4 cm