Elcom BTI-30 Terminal


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Additional Information

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Operating Characteristics

1) Operating Temp. Range:- -20°C to +85°C
2) Mounting Panel:-, Screw Type
3) Panel Thickness (standard):- 2.5 mm Max
4) Terminals (Standard):- Screw – Type


1) Body:- Nylon
2) RoHS compliant No:- (Variety Available Through another code)
3) Colour (Standard):- Black
4) Current Carrying Parts:- Cu Alloy, Nickel Plating
5) Colour – Other options Available:- Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green


Technical Specification

1) Product Category / Description:- Terminal 2) Mounting Style:- Panel Front Mounting 3) V/A Rating:- 250V 30A 4) Insulation Resistance at 500 VDC:- 1000 M ohms Min. 5) H.V.Break Down Test (For 1-Minute):- 2 KVAC 6) Contact Resistance (Initial):- 5 m ohms Max



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