Elcom Fuse Holder(5x20mm)


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  • Panel mounting etc.
  • Fuse retaining insulation cover
  • Enclosed contacts
  • Black Colour
  • Permissible Temp. With / Without load    : -20 deg C to +85 Deg. C
  • Insulation Resistance at 500VDC             : 1000 M ohm
  • H. V. Break Down for 1 minute                   : 2 KVAC
  • Size: 5x20mm

Additional Information

Additional information

Weight 20 g


Fuses in Fuse Holdes are ease to change quickly. It is used to mount and protect fuses. Fuse holders are used in various application like in consumer electronics, industrial, telecom, automotive etc. These are generally panel mountable fuse holders.

Technical Specification



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