Elcom ISS-6/16-5-Series SS-6/16-5-Series Rocker Switch


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  • Range available in various electrical configuration like SPST,DPST And  DPDT
  • Rockers available in various colors including illuminations
  • gold plated elements also available
  • Availability in fast on terminal compatibility


Additional information

Weight 20 g
operating characteristics

1) With/Without Load :–25°C to +85°C
2) For Soldering;- 270°C for 5 Sec Max.


1) Body:- Nylon
2) Knob:- Nylon: Non-IIluminated: Red, Black,Green Polycarbonate: IIlumination: Red,Green,Amber
3) Terminals Copper Alloy:-, Silver Plated
4) Contacts Silver & Copper, Silver Plated

  •  Type:- Rocker switch,
  • Panel Thickness:- 3.0 Max.
  • V/A Rating for SS-6-5/ISS-6-5:- 6A,250Vac
  • V/A Rating for SS-16-5/ISS-16-5:- 16A,250Vac
  • Contact Resistance (Initial):- 10m Ohms. Max
  • Insulation Resistance at 500 V DC:- 100M Ohms Min
  • H.V.Break Down Test (For 1-Minute):- 1.5 KV AC
  • Mounting:- Panel, Snap-in.
  • Terminals:- Soldering/Fast on, 6.30x0.80
  • Electrical Life:- 10,000 Cycles Min

Elcom ISS-6/16-5-Series SS-6/16-5-Series Rocker Switch