HDMI 90 Degree and 270 Degree Right Angle Male to Female Adapter


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  • The angled HDMI adapters avoid bending HDMI cables and relief the strain on HDMI ports to increase the lifespan of your device and HDMI cable


  • Fully compliant with the HDMI 2.0 standard, these right angle and left angle HDMI adapters are capable of carrying the increased bandwidth of HDMI 2.0 at 18 Gbps


  • This port saver will help ease the strain at the point of connection to eliminate damage to the HDMI ports on your devices

Additional information

Weight 9.6 g
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 1.6 mm
  • Gives you the flexibility you need without risking bending your HDMI cables excessively which may damage the cable or even worse the ports on your expensive equipment, effectively protect devices been damaged by multiple plug & unplug, extend lifespan of devices and hdmi cable


  • Higher Resolution: this hdmi adapter right angle supports resolution up to 4Kx2K, supports 1440P, 1080P, 1080I, 720P, 480P


  • Practical HDMI Adapter: supports Audio Return Channel, HDMI Ethernet Channel and 3D
This 90 and 270 degree HDMI Male to Female connector allows to connect HDMI cables behind flat screen TVs, projectors or monitors. Removes stress from heavy duty cables, plugs and connector ports. Ideal for clean TV cabling, installation and wall mounts.n Features:nEasily connect your HDMI cables with this right angle adapternAllows easier access to all of your HDMI portsnAdapter transfers signal while making cable connection ideal in limited spacesnAdapter constructed using high quality material for best connectionsnFeatures with Gold-plated connectors for highest signal transfer rate and resistance in corrosion, transfer 100% data without reducing resolutionnRight Angle 90 degree adapter with (1) male HDMI port and (1) female HDMI portnWorks well with projects such as projectors or small space LCD/plasma installationnContents:

HDMI 90 Degree and 270 Degree Right Angle Male to Female Adapter