BC 147/547 Transistor


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  • The gain of DC current (hFE) = 800 A.
  • Continuous Ic (collector current) = 100mA.
  • VBE (emitter-base voltage) = 6V.
  • IB (base current) = 5mA.
  • The polarity of the transistor is NPN.
  • The transition frequency is 300MHz.
  • Note: Complete Technical Details can be found in the datasheet present at the end of this page.

Additional Information

Additional information

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1xBC 147/547 Transistor


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The BC547 and BC147 is a NPN transistor meaning when power is applied to the base (control pin) it will flow from the collector to the emitter. Typically NPN transistors are used to “switch ground” on a device, meaning, they are placed after the load in a circuit.

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