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  • Working voltage: 3.3V ~ 5V
  • Current: Upto 1.2A
  • Comparator output, clean signal, great waveform, and strong driving ability
  • Digital switch output (0 and 1)
  • Fixed bolt hole for easy installation
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Weight 40 g
Dimensions 8.4 × 5.9 × 0.9 mm
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  • A reed switch is a sensor that closes circuit in the presence of a magnetic field. Reed sensors can be used in many application where contact less On/Off is required. However reed switches can be fragile to use directly, hence this module can make it easier to handle and mount the sensor in various applications.

    It is a kind of passive electronic switching component with contacts with a simple structure, small size and easy to control. It consists of a sealed glass envelope where there are two ferrous elastic reeds and is filled with inert gas called rhodium.

  • Apply to switchboard, duplicator, washing machine, refrigerator, camera, disinfector, electronic scale, juice level gauge, gas meter and water meter, etc
  • Working distance: 1.5 m operating voltage: 3.3 v-5 v
  • Output type: Digital switching output (0 and 1)
  • Module can be used with arduino, mbed, arm or any other mcu
  • A fixed bolt holes for easy installation, using a wide voltage lm393 comparator, package contents: 1 switch sensor module