SL100 Transistor


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  • Medium power NPN transistor.
  • Collector-Emitter voltage: 50V.
  • Collector-Base voltage: 60V.
  • Emitter-Base voltage: 5.0V.
  • 0.5A of Collector Current.
  • Collector to Emitter Saturation voltage: 0.6V.
  • Base to Emitter Saturation voltage: 1.3V.
  • DC Current gain: 100-300 hfe.
  • Note: Complete Technical Details can be found in the datasheet present at the end of this page.

Additional Information

Additional information

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1x SL100 Transistor


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Sl100 transistor is a general purpose, medium power NPN transistor. Being a general purpose transistor makes the SL100 transistor open to a wide spectrum of electronic applications. … The transistor terminals require a fixed DC voltage to operate in the desired region of its characteristic curves

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