ULN2003 Driver Module Stepper Motor Driver


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  1. 5-12V power supply
  2. 4-way signal indicator
  3. Chip all the pins have Input leads Mounted for easy connection to use
  4. XH-5P socket can be connected directly 28BYJ-48 Model stepper motor
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Additional Information

Additional information

Weight 3 g
Package contents

1 x ULN2003 Driver Module Stepper Motor Driver


This is ULN2003 Driver Module Stepper Motor Driver, small size and easy to use. It uses the ULN2003 driver chip to amplify the control signal from the Arduino. This Ultra Lightweight and cheap option commonly used to run and control the small applications stepper motors.

Technical Specification

Input Supply Voltage (VDC) 5 ~ 12
Logic Input (V) 3 ~ 5.5
Operating Temperature (°C) 25 to 90
Length (mm) 32
Width (mm) 18
Height (mm) 11
Weight (gm) 3



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