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  1. The motor has sturdy construction.
  2. Shaft equips metal bushes for long life.
  3. It comes with High-Quality gears.
  4. The shaft has a hole for better coupling.


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Weight 180 g

Base Motor RPM: 18000
Operating Voltage: 6-18 V
Rated Voltage: 12 V
Rated Torque: 9.4 kg-cm
Stall Torque: 37.6 kg-cm
Gearbox Dimensions: 28×37 (LxW) mm

It is a simple DC motor featuring metal gearbox for driving the shaft of the motor, so it is a mechanically commutated electric motor which is powered from DC supply. The Johnson Geared Motors are known for their compact size and massive torque-speed characteristic.

The Johnson Motor comes with side shaft also known as an off-centered shaft and six M3 mounting holes. The shaft of the motor equips metal bushes which makes these DC gear motors Shaft wear resistant. The shaft of the motor has a hole for better coupling.

  1. Base Motor RPM: 18000
  2. Operating Voltage: 6-18 V
  3. Rated Voltage: 12 V
  4. Rated Torque: 9.4 kg-cm
  5. Stall Torque: 37.6 kg-cm
  6. Gearbox Dimensions: 28×37 (LxW) mm